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About Us

Behind the Brand

Coconsa is a luxury bag, clothing and accessories brand that was established in 2011. It embodies all things vibrant and eccentric,with the collections being known for the use of genuine leather, matched with unique African fabrics culminating in a line of classy, beautiful and exclusive bags,clothing and accessories for the fashion savvy/conscious.

The Story 

Coconsa is a colloquial Ghanaian term meaning gossip. Though we don't intend for anyone to be the subject of scandalous scrutiny, our boutique range of handbags and accessories will definitely make you the talk of the town. Our aim is not only to provide quality statement pieces, but also use our talents, growth in recognition, and profits to empower disadvantaged women and children. With all of our work backgrounds grounded in community development and social work, effecting social change by helping the impoverished, is something we are passionate about, and strive for. With Australia being the place we all call home, it was a natural choice to begin our charitable journey in our backyard. In saying this, we have begun by supporting the charity, ‘Wash House’. A percentage from each bag and accessories sold will go to this charity and aid in their mission of improving the quality of life of women in the Mt Druitt community (Western Suburb of Sydney, Australia), by reducing the impact of poverty, social disadvantage and violence in their homes. This is the first step in our vision for creating change, with our long term goal, being to source all the production of Coconsa bags and accessories straight from Ghana, by hiring local Ghanaian women (giving the necessary training) to intricately make the bags and accessories. This in turn, would provide a source of income for these women and the deserved recognition of their hidden talents and skills. We also hope to use future profits to fund essential education for the children of these women.

The Products

All our bags and accessories are made in Australia and overseas. Using authentic African fabrics called Ankara, kente (which is made from wax print and traditional hand woven cloth) and lace, combined with 100% genuine leather, jute, hessian and denim and other contemporary fabrics. Our team of designers bring our vision to life by crafting these rare collections of bags and accessories which is a mish-mash of quirk and class. Not only do they look good but they are very durable as well. More importantly, we don’t discriminate, we also have an exclusive range of bags for men. Our collection is not only available to fashionable women but to men who are not afraid to show off their individuality through fashion as well. Coconsa bags can be worn by anyone, anywhere and on any occasion.